Calling Service With Telfon
Uninterrupted Online Calling Service With Telfon- A Cloud Telephony Software

In today’s digital world, to build a personal connect with your customer is very important. With online ventures, it is even more critical to communicate with your target audience. You need to have a good hold on your customer relations with varied sales tools available in the online world.

“Communicate effectively to binde in the best consumer relations for the business in long run.”

Telfon- is one of the significant communication software inclusive of Twilio dialer and based on VoIP. It is a ready-to-launch solution made to meet internal and international grounds for a business.

The B2B and B2C software allows a user to explore virtual calls, SMS, whatsapp sync, and many more tactics for a streamlined and flawless communication. What sets the Telfon solution apart? It allows a chrome extension to connect with customers through chrome browsers.

This online communication app also provides customization options. As every business has different requirements related to sales, the solution has a potential to become omnichannel communication center for your staff and the clientele. Impart a personal experience to your audience with your preferred channels in the Telfon software solution.

What are the core features of Telfon?

  • Calls: Using the dial pad makes calling simple. To continue calling people from the app, one can sync his contact list with all or just some of their phone numbers. Additionally, like a typical calling module, it may preserve the call history for all previously existing and newly added numbers.
  • Whatsapp integration: The Twilio platform enables you to sync your own Whatsapp for a seamless conversation experience. a well-known channel of communication that is conveniently available through the app.
  • Call logs and voice notes: The Telfon app offers complete communication flexibility. In addition to sending and receiving voice notes, a user can record, mute, or hold calls. One can even record discussions in this way for later use.
  • Message broadcasting: A user can plan to send out messages to the intended audience all at once. It is a fantastic feature to support a marketing and sales strategy.
  • Chrome extension: Add the extension to your Chrome browser to reach potential customers through email, websites, and other channels.

The communication tool can be customised to your needs. It is an excellent sales force to help you increase your clientele ROI and solidify your upcoming partnerships with the best mass.

  • Marketing done wisely with the solution
  • Add multiple channel of communication
  • Get professional assistance right away
  • Keep a step ahead of your competitors

For more information you can go through the website of Telfon.

Also get a demo of the solution to function well and know insights from the expert team of Telfon.


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