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    Jars of Fear – A Visual Way to Gauge Pupil Fears


    Jars of fear are a visual way to gauge pupil fears. This activity can be done prior to intervention. Coping strategies can then be taught after the assessment. There are different types of jars, with different coloured sheets for different types of phobias. Teachers can choose the jars that best meet the needs of their students. They can also use a Pinterest board to find a variety of jars that are relevant to their curriculum.

    Jars of Fear – How to Use This Technique in the Classroom

    The use of jars of fear in education can help teachers and pupils identify their fears. The visual jars can be completed before interventions are made and can then be used to teach coping strategies. The jars of fear can be made using different coloured sheets and are available in various sizes, which allow for differentiation of phobias. Below are a few ways to incorporate this technique in your classroom. Here are some tips for teachers who want to implement this technique.

    Jars of Fear – An Effective Visual Way to Assess Pupils’ Fears

    Jars of fear are an effective visual way to assess pupils’ fears and help them learn coping strategies. These jars can be used as a pre-intervention tool or as part of intervention. There are many different types of jars available. You can use one for a single phobia or multiple jars to address a wide range of phobias. To make the process as easy as possible for pupils, a variety of jar colours are available.

    A jar of fear is an excellent visual assessment of pupil fears. This activity can be completed before any intervention or teaching of coping strategies. Teachers can use different coloured sheets for different phobias. They can also create many jars for a pupil’s multiple fears. Various jars are available, including the ones based on common phobias such as death, spiders, flying, and others. These jars are useful for assessing pupils’ level of fear and coping skills, so they should be personalised.

    The jar of fear is a visual way to measure pupils’ level of fear and teach them coping strategies. Teachers can scale their pupils’ fears prior to any intervention and then introduce coping strategies once the jars have been filled. There are various types of jars, with different coloured sheets representing different phobias. Depending on their students’ ages and abilities, teachers can choose jars with the most resemblance to the pupil’s own jar.

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