Hand Hygiene Saves Lives – A Complete Guide


Your pair of hands are one of the most reliable body parts. It’s just fitting for it to receive the tender loving care it deserves. 

And it comes in the form of proper hand hygiene. 

Our hands accumulate harmful microbes with every contact it makes on most surfaces. These nasties, if left untreated, can be detrimental to your health. But with proper hand hygiene, you shield yourself from 50% of probable infections. That’s half of your worries gone in a hand wash. And to add, you also prevent your loved ones and the people around you from catching these diseases! 

So, let’s soak in and learn how to pamper your precious hands with water, soap, and some valuable hand hygiene tips here! 

Why do we Need Proper Hand Hygiene? 

Being the body part most exposed to germs and harmful agents, taking care of your hands means prioritising your overall health. As it comes into contact with most surfaces, and even with your loved ones through handshakes and claps, your hands can either transport positivity or gruesome dirt and microbes that can endanger people around you. 

And this everyday habit must be constantly practised, with the continuing presence of the COVID pandemic. But learning how to do it correctly first matters. Just a few rinses of water won’t be enough.

How to Wash Your Hands Properly? 

  1. Wet your Hands First and Apply Soap: 

Usually, we just go with the soap readily available in the sink. But you don’t want to sacrifice your skin to maintain proper hygiene. Some soaps there can be harsh for your skin type. Sure, you won’t get germs, but you’ll develop rashes or any unpleasant reactions from it. 

The good thing is our team in Euca knows your concern all too well. That’s why we’ve crafted the Foaming Hand and Body Wash. A 100% proudly Australian-made product, it is made with soothing eucalyptus and the caring touch of olive and coconut oil. It’s kind for your skin, whatever your skin type, but harsh on microbes, dirt, and nasties on your skin. And, it has foaming power for an even better hand washing experience. And it also comes in two variants – rose and quandong & lime, for a refreshing scent after handwashing! 

  1. Rub both Sides of your Palms: 

After applying the soap, spread it out by rubbing your palms and fingers sideways. It enables friction which helps pull dirt and greases lurking on the surfaces of your palm and fingers. Just make sure to do it gently! 

After doing so, time for the back of your palm to get the same treatment! With your fingers interlaced, start rubbing gently to both the left and right parts to ensure all surfaces of your hands are covered. 

  1. Cleanse the Fingers: 

Just like your palms, your fingers harbour germs and dirt since it touches most surfaces. So, cleaning all ten of them can help maintain proper hand hygiene. 

After your palms, cleanse the fingers next. Rub the fingers’ back parts into the opposing palm, then clasp your thumb on each finger so you can clean each one rotationally.  And keep it gentle as always! 

  1. Rinse off the Soap with Running Water: 

After thorough washing and rubbing, time to rinse it off! 

Rinse off the remaining soap in your hands with running water. Running water removes the foam from the soap, which now carries the dirt and germs removed from handwashing. Make sure you cover all surfaces, from the palms to the areas between your fingers. There could be soap residues here which could irritate your skin if left unwashed. 

  1. Use a Clean Cloth to Dry your Hands: 

You washed your hands carefully, thinking it removed all the germs. But if your drying cloth isn’t clean enough, all those rubbing and rinsing will just go for naught. 

That’s a telltale reminder to use a clean cloth when drying your hands. Dry all surfaces of your hands, from the palms to the fingers. 

  1. Use Sanitiser on the Go: 

Of course, you can’t find handwashing stations all the time to complete your hand washing routine. And this is where antibacterial hand sanitisers come in handy. 

Sanitisers, like our very own Euca Hand Sanitiser, give our hands a sense of protection and care while you’re on the go. With a unique blend of ethanol, moisturiser, and fresh melon fragrance, this antibacterial hand sanitiser offers a complete hand hygiene experience without drying your skin. Plus, it comes in a pocket-sized bottle, so you can carry it anywhere you go. 

  1. Use Hand Cream for Additional Protection: 

Observing proper hand hygiene doesn’t end after you wash your hands. It is a consistent guided process that lasts an entire day. We’ve mentioned already about having sanitisers ready when outside. Another way to maintain hand care is by applying hand creams. 

Effective hand creams, like the Euca Shield Protective Hand and Body Cream, contain phenoxyethanol, a powerful biocide effective in eliminating germs while taking care of your skin. It also shields your skin from harmful agents that come in contact with it, like grease, fuel, paint, soil, and even the harsh Australian weather conditions. You’ll find this useful when you’re doing household chores or gardening, where your skin gets exposed to these. 

Hating hand creams with overpowering fragrance? Well, our hand cream is fragrance-free, and doesn’t feel tacky on your skin! 

And the best part of it is these products are naturally-made and environment-friendly, so, if you worry about leaving carbon footprints, Euca’s hand care products will take it all away! 

Your hands hold the key to your overall health, like literally. Developing the habit of observing proper hand hygiene everyday is a good start. And Euca is more than ready to be your partner in keeping that habit alive in you through our naturally-produced, proudly-Australian hand hygiene products, because your safety really matters to us! 


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