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    A Parent’s Guide to the 11 Plus Examination Result


    It should be noted that the 11 Plus exam results are a time of stress for parents and children. It may be more challenging if you have your sights set on a specific school. Hence, you would prepare your kid for success with a helpful 11 plus exam results guide. 11 Plus Tuition Slough is an excellent source to getting success in exams. They will provide thorough guidelines to your child. So, in this blog, we will help you cope with the 11 Plus exam result day. 

    11 Plus Exam Results Calculation

    When your child gets their examination results, you will be given an unofficial score. The 11 Plus exam results utilise standardised scores. It enables teachers to determine how a student is over or below the average of national students. Thus, they also allow every test paper taken by your child to receive the same weight in formulating the overall score.

    Specific 11 Plus tests are age-standardised. This means that the child’s grade performance will be evaluated against the abilities of an equally older child. Thus, it allows consideration for different levels of age.

    The pupils’ ages may vary from a few months to one year. This means that an older child could be more mature in various areas. So, testing with age-standardised standards allows for a real and accurate comparison.

    Therefore, three factors are taken into consideration in calculating the total score of 11 Plus exam results:

    • The test number taken for each test will comprise various questions and a time limit to complete the test.
    • The child’s age at the time of the test.
    • The paper’s difficulty

    When Do The 11 Plus Results Come Out?

    11 Plus exams are held during those two first weeks in September. Your child should be receiving the 11 Plus exam results around mid-October. So, these results will determine if you and your child will be eligible to apply for a spot in one of your favourite Grammar schools. 

    Keep Busy On the Day

    It is a given that your child will be stressed out on the day of 11 Plus exam results. Thus, we suggest keeping them entertained and making sure they are in a place to manage the news. The most common method for results distribution is via letters sent or delivered to your child in person after the school day.

    Hence, if you receive your 11 Plus exam results, consider your child’s behaviour. It will work as a clue to figure out the most effective way to present the results. If they appear calm, they can be given the perfect occasion to read the results by themselves.

    But, if they are anxious or tensed up, the stress of opening their results could make them feel worse. In this situation, it’s ideal for reading the results independently. Maybe presenting them in the manner you think is best for them in this situation.

    The importance of patience is when you receive these 11 Plus exam results. This must be explained to children at this time. However, it must also be taught by parents. The results and school allocations are kept secret until the right time. Besides, the Prefered School’s admission department cannot provide you with confirmation until the date and time are announced.

    If the Child has Passed the 11 Plus

     If your child has completed the 11 Plus exam, you can begin applying for admission to your favourite schools. Hence, check your county’s admissions site for information about how to proceed.

    Certain schools might request you and your Child for an interview to assess your suitability. Thus, these interviews typically involve speaking about your child’s academic capabilities and extracurricular activities.

    If the candidates succeed, the school will then send an offer conditional on offering the possibility of securing the position. After both parties have acknowledged the offer, you and your child will get an invitation to an induction day. You will take a tour around the school on that day and participate in the scheduled classes and activities.

    If the child has not passed the 11 Plus

     It is crucial to assure your child that it’s certainly not the world’s end. There are many other different options for them. So, be optimistic about the situation and conceal any sadness you feel. For every eight attempts, only one of them succeeds. Thus take peace knowing that you and your child aren’t the only ones to be.

    Your child might still be able to go to one of your favourite schools by appealing. The availability of seats may also be announced later in September. It is also beneficial to ask to be placed on the waiting list. So, check the procedures and requirements for appeals on the school’s website.

    Discover the opportunities your child will get from other schools within the vicinity. Concentrate on positive elements of the exciting new experience like meeting new people, learning new skills, and participating in activities.

    In the end, inform your child that they can speak with you about their feelings and share any worries. It’s a bit daunting to have them go back to school and inform their classmates about their achievements. So it might be beneficial to go over how they can announce the 11 Plus exam results. It is important to assure your child that you will work together and find the perfect school for them.

    How to Appeal Your 11 Plus Exam Results

    If you’re planning to challenge your Child’s score on the 11 Plus exam results, be aware that the appeals are not successful most of the time. So, it’s not wise to build your child’s expectations up and not make any promises.

    The appeal process for an exam result is only possible if the exam board does not follow the proper procedures. Thus, to have a fair possibility of appeal. It’s also important to be aware that there are many alternatives available to your child if your appeal does not succeed.

    The most common instances of your child’s safety risking harm for not attending the school of your choice could be:

    •  Religious motives
    •  Uncomfortable family circumstances
    • If you have health problems or other special needs, your school of choice can accommodate
    • Travel-related issues
    • Your child shows remarkable aptitude in a specific subject at the school you choose.
    • Issues like bullying

    Closing Words

    It is crucial for your child’s future that they have the chance to secure a place in the preferred school. We also recognize that it is very stressful. So, ensure your child receives the best possible start in life and gets the results they’re hoping for. 

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