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    Keys to Improve Your Business Website SEO Web Positioning


    Improving your SEO web positioning is essential as it boosts your website’s visibility on search engines, driving organic traffic and enhancing credibility. Higher rankings attract targeted audiences, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

    Why is it so important to rank high in search engines?

    More than 80% of users search the Internet for products and services, with Google being the place most used by these potential buyers.

    Can you imagine if your company appeared first every time a user searches for your product or service? Without a doubt, your sales opportunities would increase considerably.

    Whether you hire a free SEO professional or the services of an SEO agency, you should know that this strategy is very beneficial for your company.

    You will increase visits to your website, you will attract more potential customers, and, therefore, your sales will grow and you will be above your competition.

    How to improve your SEO web positioning?

    Link building

    Link building is essential for SEO because it helps you increase the authority of your web page. This consists of other websites of the same theme linking to your page.

    There are several strategies for link building, but one of the most natural ways to get links is by creating original content and getting other websites interested in your content to the point of linking to you.

    Characteristics the links should have:

    • Diversity in the domains: The quantity has to be wide and of quality.
    • The position: Google perfectly differentiates the header and the footer of a website. So, where your link is located will have more or less value.
    • Control of dangerous links: These links can cause a penalty. So it is important to constantly monitor them with the help of Google Webmaster Tools.

    Implement friendly URLs

    In SEO, the implementation of friendly URLs also known as semantic URLs is essential. It is about adding the most descriptive words possible to your URLs.

    Characteristics of friendly URLs:

    • Include the words related to the content.
    • They facilitate the crawling of the Google robot.
    • They are easy to remember by the user.
    • Improves navigability.
    • They are legible.

    User experience (UX) and usability

    Usability and user experience are two fundamental points for organic positioning since search engines give user satisfaction a high priority.

    Thus, visitors must be comfortable when they browse your website, quickly and easily finding what they are looking for and being satisfied.

    In this way, if your website presents a good UX and usability, you will surely achieve better search engine positioning.

    Factors to take into account:

    • User dwell time.
    • Clean and clear design.
    • Loading time.
    • Visual design.
    • HTML-compliant.
    • Implementation of the site map, among others.

    Generate valuable content

    For an SEO strategy to work properly, you have to include content. Therefore, you have to give constant activity to your blog.

    Publish attractive and valuable articles that include the most relevant keywords and links on your website.

    Some tips for creating quality content:

    • Try not to use too much jargon, and keep the content simple for the whole audience.
    • Use your style and try to connect with your audience.
    • Use your images, otherwise indicate the source.
    • It provides value for the user, deepening the topic.
    • Create eye-catching titles that include the keywords.
    • Identify your audience and their needs.
    • Add a good call to action.
    • Includes internal and external links.
    • Use references but never copy.
    • Make an editorial calendar.

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