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    What is a Google review widget and why is it essential for brand trust?


    Before making a purchase, customers tend to search for reviews whether they are buying a new product, or service, booking a hotel room, or doing any business with a brand. Brands or online marketers are aware of the significant impact of customer reviews on the business. Customers don’t want to spend their money on that is not worthy.

    Customers expect the source to be trustworthy while reading reviews about a specific brand. Google reviews stand as the most trusted source of information out of several other review platforms. Google Reviews are genuine and they are also authentic customer-written reviews. With the help of the Google review widget, businesses tend to display them on the website because they trust these reviews.

    Many brands are opting to display Google reviews on their website. Many social media aggregator tools assist brands to embed Google reviews on websites. Google reviews help brands in building their reputation and credibility. In this blog, we will find out the answers to the questions like what Google review widgets are and why they are important for your business.

    Know About Google Reviews Widget

    The Google review widget works as an operational block on the website enabling brands to display customer reviews without any hassle. For different websites, social media aggregators provide these widgets while review plugins work best for WordPress websites. This helps in several other ways and also adds functionality to the website.

    With customer feedback and ratings, a business must have Google My Business account in order to use the Google review widget. Using a code snippet given by Google, the widget can be embedded on the business’s website. After its installation, the widget will automatically showcase the recent feedback and ratings from Google My Business.

    Benefits of Having Google Reviews Widget for Your Brand

    For your business and brand, Google reviews can be a game changer. You are letting go of the opportunity if you aren’t using them to get an edge over the competition. Here are some of the key benefits of using Google reviews widgets for your business.

    1. Improve SEO

    For the digital marketing of your business, Search Engine Optimization is very essential. Almost every single day, everybody uses Google to get the answers. In order to rank higher on local search engines, you need to optimize your content. The higher ranking of your brand provides higher credibility for your business. As you rank higher on search pages, one of the benefits of Google reviews is that they can hugely boost your local SEO.

    2. Augments Brands Credibility

    Sometimes it is difficult to trust brands due to the increased cases of online fraud and more people are falling prey to them. To overpower this situation, brands are required to embed Google review widgets on their websites. By doing this, you gain the visitor’s trust and support because the already existing customers will write feedback for the product or service based on their past experience with the business. After embedding the reviews, the brands bring transparency that builds social proof among visitors.

    Brands need to be as real as possible while moderating what reviews should actually display. You are required to showcase your negative reviews along with the positive ones to prove that you respond to both of them. By doing it, you are demonstrating to your customers that you are open to both types of feedback.

    3. Visitor Engagement Increases

    Your website visitors remain engaged with the Google review widget. Customers want to get all the details about any business or brand they want with this. On your website, they can get the details of any particular product or service of your brand. If they are satisfied with the details then they have the option to buy it. Customers do have feedback provided from previous users about that particular product or service if they are troubled in making their decision whether to buy it or not.

    In building an online reputation and recognition, customers can stay engaged with your website which can be great for your brand. The traffic on your website is huge if the customers have all the required information and actions available to them.

    4. Lowers Bounce Rate of the Website

    Bounce Rate is one of the key elements in getting better rankings on search engines. Well, the bounce rate is just a number. In other words, after visiting just one page, the percentage of visitors who navigate off of the site is referred to as the bounce rate. A website must have a low bounce rate in order to get better search engine rankings.

    The Google reviews widget has ample reviews that hold users for a longer time on the website. The more reviews users read more time they spend on the website. This will eventually lead to reduce the bounce rate of the website.

    5. Generates a Review Cycle

    It is very crucial for the brand to have more reviews on the Google forum to hold a reputation and survive in the market. The Google review widget plays an important role in the same. The website visitors can read the reviews with the Google review widget. While at the same time, your other customers can also write reviews for the brand.

    Some consumers write feedback to get a mention on your website, some write to appreciate your work, and some write to suggest some betterment to improve the product or service. You will get more reviews no matter what the reason is and it eventually generates a review cycle for the website.

    6. Enhance Click-through Rates

    Getting more clicks on the website is essential to get higher rankings in the search engines. Displaying your brand’s website on the search engine rankings, the Google reviews give a boost to the click-through rates. To get better search engine rankings, embedding Google reviews widgets is an extremely better way.

    In A Nutshell

    To grow a business in multiple ways, Google review widgets can benefit a brand. You just have to embed the reviews on your website after aggregating them. This will help you in achieving the marketing and sales target easily and quickly. These reviews will boost trust, display transparency and collect recognition of your brand.

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