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    Dos and Don’ts of Custom Burger Packaging – A Complete Guide


    Welcome esteemed readers! Hope you are doing well and eating furiously to fulfill all your yummy desires. You must eat every palatable dish you like the most. Ohh! You are afraid of becoming a Humpty Dumpty? Well, eating healthy food or even unhealthy food in moderate amount is a smart way to keep you stay active and younger for longer.

    Burger! The yummiest treat-often not consider healthy but if you change your lifestyle to burn the calories burst accordingly, you can eat to fill your stomach. The succulent patties, the greens, and the savory sauces are indeed mouth-watering. But of our bad luck, it’s not only the world’s best recipe that helps you stand out among all burger sellers in the town, tons of other things still matters.

    It’s the packaging, which assembles all individual ingredients like a crispy Pattie, fresh salads, cheese slices, and the sauces inside the milky bun. Without wrapping it properly, you can imagine how you may receive your burger. Would you like to have a burger that does not even look like a burger?  Here, the custom burger boxes play their part.

    Let’s zero in on what you should keep in mind before commencing your journey toward burger box packaging. Let’s delve into the details of what you are allowed to do and what is strictly forbidden for you while designing custom burger boxes wholesale and retailers.

    Designing Your Custom Burger Boxes:

    Nudge your mind in the right direction, and start thinking about customizing your burger boxes in a way all brands used to do. Don’t let your ball fall in someone else’s court, label your taste or burgers with your name and brand logo. It’s a smart act you must follow, if you really aim to shine in the market.

    We believe a custom box can shake things ups. Simply, it will start showing a steep line showing an exponential increase in your burger’s popularity curve. You might know how a customize box can get a bucket full of advantages for you. Consider the following do’s and get things more streamlined for your burger business.

    Do’s For Designing Custom Burger Boxes: 

    Well, there are so many things to note if you are looking for the perfect packaging for your burger. Though it may be a bit difficult for you to focus on all these tiny things together, knowing the simple checklist one by one can help you conquer the field.

    1. Material That Meets International Packaging Standards: 

    Food packaging requires us to keep in mind many factors, necessary to keep the product and environment safe at the same time. Thus, before getting your hands on the burger packaging, first read the international food packaging standards as your boxes must comply with it.

    2. Visuals That Let People Guess Correctly What’s Inside the Box:

    Special efforts need to be done for making the designs of custom burger boxes. It must have a picture or image of the product that is a burger, in this case, on boxes.

    3. Colors That Simply Reflect Themes of Your Brand: 

    The theme of your burger brand must be an exact match of the overall theme of the brand logo and brand items.

    4. Protection That Saves the Edible from All Types of Contaminants:

    Focus on the fact whether the packaging or boxes for your edibles are protective for the food or not. Just make it clear, before introducing it into the market.

    5. Content That Only Helps You Build A Positive Overall Impression:

    Content is the king; there is no other powerful marketing tool than content, so use it in the right way to see a visible boost in your sales.

    6. Environmental Sustainability Is Business Sustainability:

    In today’s rapidly evolving world when we all are much more aware than the past, you must focus on making food packaging sustainable. Yes, it reflects how much you care for the environment and about your future generation.

    wholesale burger boxes

    After all, mark it to never rely on scammers. Design the boxes by a professional having years of industry-specific working experience. As a well-wisher, we can help you find the one that is a one-stop solution to all your burger box packaging needs- My Box Packaging. It is a renowned packaging company, making retailers’ and wholesaler’s life easier by providing custom solutions to almost all of their problems.

    Don’ts for Designing Custom Burger Boxes:

    Follow some don’t, as they will never let you down by committing silly mistakes.

    Note: The following content is written to tell you the ways to come out with the best custom burger packaging designs by deliberately avoiding all common mistakes.

    1. Avoid Materials That Cause Potential Harm to Food:

    At first, you must avoid all packaging stuff posing a threat to the quality of food. Additionally, avoiding material that is a good conductor, and absorb moisture- as it makes the food soggy.

    2. Don’t Forget To Do Branding:

    Take the best out of even simple brown and white boxes. Simply, don’t forget to avoid printing all essential details such as the brand logo and contact details necessary for branding your product.

    3. Don’t Go For Substandard Choices For Reducing Cost: 

    Undeniably, cost-effectiveness is necessary for operating all financial operations of a business. Still, while cost-cutting, you must be aware of selecting substandard material-ruining your overall business reputation.

    4. Never Overcomplicate Your Designs:

    We all believe, to some extent, complicated designs can help you stand out among your competitors. This may be true in some but all cases, depending upon the level of understanding of your potential clients. But as per recent research, the simple and sober designs often make people comfortable using your product. So, avoid relying on complicated designs.

    5. Never Scarify The Functionality Over Sleek Designs:

    We agree, designs do matter- but what if the highly complicated locking or unlocking mechanism of burger boxes makes it less user-friendly? Remember, the art of designing boxes is to opt for a stylish ease for your consumer, not to irritate them by reducing functionality. Shortly, avoid selecting designs that make burger boxes less practical.

    Final Thought:

    We know there are many things that are specific or go right with your particular brand needs and services. Still, we appreciate people getting all these points at their fingertips- it reduces your efforts of redesigning custom boxes repeatedly before finalizing the upshot.

    Melvin Davis
    Melvin Davis
    Melvin Davis is a Packaging Expert.. He is Master in Printing and arts designing. All the Printing and Packaging research is conducted under his supervision. He is also packaging journalist and contributes in all packaging magazines designing and represents TCB in summits.

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