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    Mailer Boxes – A secure way to ship the products


    Shipping boxes need robust packaging material

    When it comes to shipping products, the use of robust packaging materials is of utmost importance. Printed mailer boxes endure a series of handling and transportation processes that expose them to various risks, including:

    • Rough handling of the products during transit.
    • Stacking of the products.
    • Potential impacts due to the external environment. 

    It is crucial to choose packaging materials that provide optimal protection, like corrugation material, to ensure the safety of items that are sent to faraway places.

    Protection option for the custom mailer boxes

    Brands require boxes that are able to protect the inside products from the damaging, especially when it comes to shipping the products to faraway places. The chances of contamination are quite high when the products are exposed to the external environment.

    For instance, packaging businesses use to apply water-resistant coatings that repel moisture, preventing damage to wholesale mailer boxes and the products. Particularly during shipping or in humidity, these coatings are found quite important. 

    However, such coatings act as a barrier in safeguarding against water-related mishaps that could compromise the integrity of the packaging and its contents. So, the coatings made the custom mailer boxes safer and more secure for the products and items. 

    UV coating and laminations for the mailer packaging boxes

    Another option is to incorporate UV coatings, which provide protection against sunlight and prevent fading or discoloration of the custom mailer boxes. So, the coatings are especially helpful for products that are displayed in retail environments or exposed to direct sunlight during transit.

    custom mailer boxes

    Furthermore, businesses can utilize coatings with anti-scratch properties to prevent surface damage, ensuring that the mailer packaging boxes maintain their visual appeal even after handling and transportation. These coatings act as a shield, minimizing the risk of scratches and abrasions that could detract from the overall presentation of the product.

    Add-on options for the printed mailer boxes

    In addition to protection, smart finishing techniques can also offer functional benefits, such as adding a soft-touch or matte finish, which enhances the tactile experience and creates a premium feel of the printed mailer boxes. In this way, the finishing options would elevate the perceived value of the product and leave a positive impression on customers.

    By incorporating smart finishing techniques into the production process, brands can enhance the protection of their boxes and products, ensuring they withstand the rigors of handling, shipping, and storage. 

    Moreover, these finishing techniques provide additional functional benefits, contributing to an overall superior packaging experience that reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail. And for this reason, the brands require to encapsulate their products inside the custom mailer boxes

    The crux of the discussion

    For all the brands that need to grant a strong construction to the custom mailer boxes perfect packaging supplier is required. In this context, The Custom Boxesis one of the leading brands. The mailer boxes that they supply come with all possible customization and that’s the reason they are famous for their wholesale mailer boxes. 

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